One-stop web creation

You want to be online fast? You want us to take care of everything and you don't want it to cost 10000$? No problem. Tribal Solutions can deliver low-price websites, based on a pre-made design, custom programming, domain registration and hosting. Everything powered by Tribal CMS.


Using a ready-made template design is an excellent way to cut costs. Instead of hiring a designer for many weeks, our team will suggest a few pre-made designs for you to choose from.

No worries, we only suggest modern designs that are compatible on phones and tablet.  You wont go wrong with any of them.

What about features?

Even if you design is based on a template, it will be powered by Tribal CMS. Your content management system with still be entirely unique and custom-built for your business.  What does that mean? It means that if you have a carousel, news, products, events and team-members on your website, you will have a custom button for each of these items, allowing you to add and remove items as you like.

Your control panel with be lightyears ahead of what a paid Wordpress template can do.

Return on investment

Along with the low production costs, your website will comme with a huge ROI.

The ease with which you'll be able to modify your website yourself will save you hundreds of dollars every month.

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