Artem manages your works, artists, contacts, exhibitions, publications, online orders, website, invoices, proposals

Artem is a collaborative web intranet designed to help you manage all aspects of your art gallery.

Inventory database

A complete and powerful database for all of your works and publications. Export Excel lists, PDF presentations and more.


Keep track of your exhibitions, print work tags, keep track of when your works were exposed.

Proposals and invoicing

Send proposals, create invoices, send invoices by e-mail.


Keep track of all of your contacts. Know who is interested by which artists and works. Create and export contact lists. Print postal stickers.

Service sheets & consignment

Keep track of the works that you lend or send out to restoration or framing.

Online orders & CMS

If connected to your website, Artem manages all of the content on your website, along with the online orders that you receive.

Productivity features

Artem is more than a database. It also has many social and productivity features.

Floating lists: Quickly add works to floating lists in order to prepare an expo, a proposal, an invoice, or an export.

Export works in many formats : excel lists, PDF sheets, postal stickers, etc.

Realtime messaging between employees to reduce the number of e-mails and allow share works easily.

Notifications: get notified when a work is changed, when an order is received, and at many other moments in daily workflow.

Technical features

Lightning fast database

Speed is one of our top priorities. The system is crazy fast. Period.

Cloud or local?

Access it from anywhere, or restrict it to the gallery.


Artem is highly secure, with built-in encryption for all files and data at rest, a full-blown web application firewall (WAF), encrypted backups and more. The technological framework behind it is also used Instagram, Spotify, and many more.

Custom development

We don't lock you in a specific way of doing things.

Artem is a modular framework that we can either ship as-is, or customize to your specific needs. Every gallery works a little bit differently, and we've built Artem to account for this reality.

We know you've been struggling with Excel, Access, Filemaker, or database systems with dealbreaking limitations. Our goal with Artem was to make it logical, fast, user-friendly and unique.

Ready to try?

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